On Demand
Run Time
Approx. 70 minutes
Written by
Nick Payne
Michael Longhurst
Donmar Warehouse, Wessex Grove and Eleanor Lloyd Productions
Creative Team

Design - Tom Scutt
Lighting Designer - Lee Curran
Sound Designer - David McSeveney 
Music - Simon Slater


Sheila Atim & Ivanno Jeremiah, Peter Capaldi & Zoë Wanamaker, Omari Douglas & Russell Tovey, Anna Maxwell Martin & Chris O'Dowd

Camera Direction & Production
North South

Lighting Camera (Couples 1&2) - William Knights (Couples 3&4) - Paolo Bischi
Camera Operator - Paolo Bischi, Andrei Lionachescu
1st AC -
Dominika Besinska, Shane de Almeida & Nacho Muñoz de León
2nd AC - Marta Garcia
Sparks - Duane Jay, Jed Ponsford, Natalya Walker, Werner Van Peppen & Magdalena Rak
Head of Sound - Barnaby Davis
Sound Engineers - Dylan De Buitlear, Kris Tunmore, Les Mommsen, Francis Gardner, Pete Middleton, Emanuel Agbo & Charlie Cronin
DIT - Joanns Buncelmans
Editors - Carly Brown & Craig Chaplin
Colourist - Paolo Bischi
Mixed and Mastered - Blackbird Audio

Kit Rental
VMI & Shoot Blue

‘One drink. And if you never want to see me again you never have to see me again.’

A quantum physicist and a beekeeper meet at a barbeque. They hit it off, or perhaps they don’t. They go home together, or maybe they go their separate ways. In the multiverse, with every possible future ahead of them, a love of honey could make all the difference.

The creative approach was to bring the audience into the space with each couple, to allow each piece to flow from one moment to the next. The camera configuration changed throughout the capture, adapting to each of the iterations of the work but a handheld approach was maintained throughout. This allowed the cameras to stay close and responsive, often responding organically to the action. 

All four couples were filmed without an audience on location at the Vaudeville Theatre on the Strand.

For future distribution enquiries please contact the Donmar.